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Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Oct 19

#MSWL ! Adult or YA! After Emma Perrier was “catfished,” she found love with the unlikeliest person https://t.co/p79GfHs4vR

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 5

Somebody please fictionalize this and send it to me! #MSWL China’s Mistress-Dispellers https://t.co/MmddP5YYSH

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Feb 19

This girl is the goddamn quarterback and the cheerleader is her girlfriend. CAN SOMEONE MAKE THIS INTO A MOVIE PLEA… https://t.co/ZfSc7hivPp

#MSWL https://t.co/RpBtsjS8j4

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Sep 21 2016

#MSWL a book like “Call the Midwife,” which makes me cry every single episode bc life is terrible & tough & beautiful & kind all at once

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 7 2016

This, fictionalized as MG, #MSWL : THE COLD WAR: Two ice cream vendors. Seventeen playgrounds. One city. https://t.co/eAtk7EKzPU via @epic

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jun 8 2016

#MSWL a story set in a really bleak (real) backdrop — think Annie Proulx

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Feb 11 2016

#MSWL a protag like Kim from the second season of Serial. Tenacious, unafraid, doesn’t give up.

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Feb 11 2016

And more on my nonfiction for kids #MSWL , I’d love one on how a city works — from planning to construction to government

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Feb 11 2016

#MSWL nonfiction for kids. Space! The body! Etc.

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Feb 11 2016

#MSWL Adult or YA where it’s unclear what’s right and what’s wrong; where people are on opposing sides, yet we’re rooting for them both

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Nov 12 2015

And #mswl : a story taking place during Operation Wetback. Maybe with a family being torn apart

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

#MSWL : A woman breaking boundaries: Arizona Cardinals Hire First Female Coach in NFL History http://t.co/0Kc2n9jzjP via @nbcnews

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

Remember, writers: All I really want is to fall in love with a ms. So even if your book isn’t on my #MSWL , send if you think it’s for me

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

Fun fact: NASCAR started because bootleggers needed to outrun cops. YA about a female mechanic and driver, please!!!! #MSWL

1. I would love this, too. 2. I didn’t know this fact! In general, I love learning new things in manuscripts #MSWL https://t.co/bVfNzqn748

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

MG or YA where New York City is more then a setting, it's a character #MSWL

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

Nonfiction about inventions/discoveries that have changed the way we live. Adult, YA, or MG #MSWL

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

Fiction about the power of community. Not afraid to explore the positives and negatives to being one part of a whole (not cults) #MSWL

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

#ScienceFiction that'd make both a scientist and a sociologist squeal with joy. Show me the unintended human consequences of new tech. #MSWL

Ooh, ooh, this! #MSWL https://t.co/vlePLzPdl0

Tamar Rydzinski @trydzinski · Jul 28 2015

I would love fiction exploring conflict on a personal level. I know this is a throwback example, but like The House of Sand and Fog #MSWL