Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · May 10

Elisa Stryker @elisa_stryker

@UweStenderPhD So is it “no from one means no from all?”

Replying to @elisa_stryker

No, not at all. Maybe my answer was not clear. Say you query me and I like it, but have something similar already, I may refer you to one of the others. Or not. If I do, query them. If I don't, you can still query them.

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · May 10

Melissa Charles @2TheImp

@UweStenderPhD What's the most difficult aspect of being an agent that most aren't aware of? What makes a 'good' or 'difficult' author for an agent?

Replying to @2TheImp

Wow. I cannot answer the first one. There is too much. People don't really know unless they have done this job for a while. I don't sign 'difficult' authors, I weed them out before I would offer.

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · May 10

Berinna Chambers @happywriter2017

@UweStenderPhD How do you know when your manuscript is perfect and ready to query?

Replying to @happywriter2017

When you really cannot improve it further, and any further revisions are based on obsessive perfectionism or procrastination to query it.

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · May 10

Shereen Cook @ShereenCook

@UweStenderPhD Is it a turn-off to pitch a duology when the first book ends in a cliffhanger and cannot stand on its own?

Replying to @ShereenCook

Not a turn off, but the book should stand alone with the cliffhanger inducing more want to read feel in the reader, but not leave the reader frustrated.

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