Esi Sogah
Executive Editor at Kensington Books; “I’m not here just to occupy space; I’m here to create it.”—Rep. Ayanna Presley
Flo Nicoll
Senior Editor, Harlequin Presents/ Mills & Boon Modern. I love stationery, colourful socks and being an identical twin. Holding out for your billionaire heroes!
Genevieve Gagne-Hawes
Book editor at Writers House; manages submissions for Amy Berkower. Ph.D. in English Lit from UBC. She/her. Tweets my own.
Grace Kendall
Senior Editor of picture books & novels at FSG BYR / @MacKidsBooks . Dog lover, reluctant reader, sports fan. (Tweets are mine alone.) #BLM #WNDB #AccessIsLove
Hali Baumstein
Kids' book editor @ Disney Press (not acquiring), writer, gamer, mass consumer of chocolate & iced coffee, and TV show binge watcher. She/her.
Hallie Tibbetts
Professional nerd. Makes books: kidlit. Speaking for herself only. Swipes right for the Oxford comma. I'm a little short for a stormtrooper.
Hannah (Allaman) Hill
Associate editor @DelacortePress . Ms. 152 insights into your soul.
Hannah Bennett
Senior Acquisitions Editor at @StartPublishing (Cleis Press/Viva Editions), @WNBANYC Board, Podcast Host (Arguments About Nothing), burrito connoisseur
Hannah Campbell
Professional Leseratte. Production Editor at Henry Holt. She/her
Hannah O'Grady
books @stmartinspress officially the last person in publishing to join twitter
Harriet Low
Then: Spice Girls, Tamora Pierce, and Totoro enthusiast. Now: Spice Girls, Tamora Pierce, and Totoro enthusiast AND Editorial @HMHKids . She/her.
Heather Alexander
🎧 Executive Editor/Audible Originals 🎧 Tweets/opinions are my own, but I’m happy to share.
Heather Howland
Sr Editor & co-founder @entangledpub . Tech editor in my spare time. Tweets/likes/RTs/opinions are mine. (she/her) 🎧🏕️🐇📚💃🏻📈🎬🏟✈️🇵🇹🇲🇪
Heather Rubert
Acquisitions editor at @futurehousepub . On the hunt for magic, swords, cyborgs, and general fantastical mayhem. Batman enthusiast and advocator of naps.
Helen O'Hare
Hiking enthusiast, craft beer collector, Editor @MulhollandBooks and @LittleBrown .
Helga Schier
Editorial Director @camcatbooks . Editor. Writing Coach. Translator. Writer. Let me help you unlock the potential of your manuscript.
Janine Barlow
Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Production editor @FSGbooks .
janine o'malley
Executive Editor at FSG BYR/Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group. Opinions are my own. Please note: I am open to agented submissions only.
Jen Donovan
Acquisitions Editor @PRHAudio but most of my tweets are about TV | All opinions are mine | she/her
Jen Gunnels
Editor @TorBooks , midwife to sf/f, voted most likely to survive an apocalypse. Cocktails and wildly diverse conversations at 6. Opinions stated are my own.


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