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Eileen Rothschild @E_Roths · 17 Apr 2019

Book twitter, any recs for a book like Commencement in that it follows a group of friends both separately and together? Also, #MSWL, would really love a complicated friendship book that spans decades.

Eileen Rothschild @E_Roths · 28 Mar 2019

I’m back from maternity leave in a month and I want all the submissions, especially YA contemporary #MSWL

Eileen Rothschild @E_Roths · 17 May 2018

#MSWL a love story that is as complicated/tragic/gut wrenching/redemptive/ all of the things, like April and Matthew on #GreysAnatomy

Eileen Rothschild @E_Roths · 1 Mar 2018

Tiffany Snow @TiffanyASnow

For those of you interested in ever attending one of these, here's my Nashville Vampire Diaries convention... fb.me/1WGlLOqcB

Wait. What. These exist?! Who is coming with me? On a related note, give me all your vampires #MSWL Who cares if it’s supposedly dead...isn’t that the point of vampires anyway 😊

Eileen Rothschild @E_Roths · 24 Apr 2017

#MSWL a ya contemporary inspired by this song...that I have listened to on repeat all day