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Senior Literary Agent, VP & Director of Literary Branding @PSLiterary . MA in Publishing Studies.


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Carly Watters @carlywatters · 4 Jun 2019

Our talented @PSLiterary crew has grown recently!

If you're querying be sure to research our new associate agent additions:


Carly Watters @carlywatters · 21 Feb 2019

I spent 5 years blogging about publishing, #writetip & #querytip advice.

Today, I rounded up some of my best posts:…


Carly Watters @carlywatters · 7 Dec 2017

You don't need to repeat our agent interests back to us--we know what's listed on #MSWL. Instead of telling us your book is a match, show us with comps & a great hook. #querytip

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 30 May 2017

Reminder: Tomorrow is that last day that I'm accepting slush pile queries for the foreseeable future. #querytip

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 18 May 2017

A series of events isn't a plot. A crisis, conflict, or goal is. #querytip

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 3 May 2017

#querytip: round your word count. 78,138 should be 78k 1) to make it easier on our eyes 2) to give you room to edit.

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 9 Mar 2017

TODAY 1p E Learn how to deconstruct your query rejections & make new plan for success #querytip

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 28 Jan 2017

One of the best lessons I learned about evaluating slush pile manuscripts is: "if it's a maybe, it's a no" #querytip

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 18 Nov 2016

Read the first line of a partial manuscript & had to have the full. Sometimes one line is all it takes. #querytip

Carly Watters @carlywatters · 14 Nov 2016

ICYMI: last week's #MondayBlogs: 5 Reasons for “Quick Pass” on a Query Letter #querytip