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Alec Shane @alecdshane · 15 Jul 2014

#querytip don't "force" your novel's genre. If your protag is a lawyer but that has nothing to do with the story, it isn't a legal thriller

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 7 Jun 2014

#querytip "Your profile indicates that you are interested in X" is a good way to let agents know that you did your homework before querying

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 6 Jun 2014

#querytip while it isn't likely to get your work dismissed outright, save the crazy fonts for Evites and birthday cards. Keep it simple

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 27 May 2014

#querytip unless you feel it is incredibly necessary to properly convey the tone of your book, avoid using profanity in your query letter

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 9 May 2014

#querytip I'm told that @WallyLambAuthor wallpapered his entire classroom with rejection letters before he finally got an agent. DON'T QUIT

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 6 May 2014

#querytip email yourself a copy of your query letter before you send it out. That way you can see exactly how it's going to look to an agent

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 5 May 2014

#querytip most agents' submission guidelines are very clear & easy to find; don't send an email asking how to best submit. Do your research

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 28 Apr 2014

#querytip no need to notify me if another agent has requested more of your MS; just give me a heads up when you have an offer on the table

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 28 Apr 2014

#querytip The day-to-day emails we send may be informal/familiar, but email queries are professional business documents; treat them as such.

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 25 Apr 2014

#querytip We remember serial submitters. Don't just fire another MS off the moment an agent rejects the first one.

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 16 Apr 2014

#querytip if you're going to include a synopsis with your query, keep it to a page, max. I won't read it if it's any longer

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 11 Apr 2014

You figure this #querytip would be obvious, but I get so many of these: if you don't speak English, don't write a book in English