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Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie · Jan 27

-More underrepresented creators, esp creators of color and disabled creators, telling #ownvoices and stories from the margins that need to be shared. #MSWL

-More stories that show the range of experiences of black and brown people, especially in MG and YA.

Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie · 13 Jun 2017

And still looking for the #ownvoices ace/aro deep dive into why our culture is obsessed with sex, love, romance, etc. MG, YA, other #MSWL

Roseanne Wells @RivetingRosie · 30 Jun 2016

#MSWL Diversity of all kinds (race, gender, sexuality, ability, etc) and esp #ownvoices #weneeddiversebooks #WENEEDDIVERSEBOOKS (1/2)