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myrikePoba @MFrBauer

@UweStenderPhD When should one give up hope after not receiving a reply to a query from you?

Replying to @MFrBauer

I currently have an out of office message stating I will only respond to queries I am interested in by a certain date. If I don't respond by that date, then I am not interested. But you can always query me with a different project.

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J.L. Delozier @jldelozier

@UweStenderPhD So my wannabe-superhero novel has struck out in the query department. Is it generally best to stash a "dead" novel in a drawer in case of future representation on another book or to try one's luck and submit to small presses?

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I guess you could try smaller presses, but research them well, and make sure their contracts are legit. There is no shame keeping a manuscript in the drawer. 99.9% of successful authors have at least one of those, I am certain.

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Evette @EisforEarnest

#askagent #mswl Pardon me if I'm intruding. Anyone can answer this and multiple answers from multiple persons are appreciated. I'm trying to learn.

What do you wish writers knew before they started their writing/publishing journey?

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Not intruding! Ask agent anytime. :-)
I wish authors knew that rejection happens at every stage of the game - before rep, on sub after rep, and even bad reviews later. It's something to learn to embrace, not to fear. And it isn't indicative of your value as a creator. #askagent

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David Rozansky @DavidRozansky

Q from @CelesteHarte: Hello, I was wondering if someone could answer something that just occurred to me; do agents consider writing sites like Wattpad to be self-publishing? And does that hinder chances of representation? #AskAgent #AskPublisher

Replying to @DavidRozansky

I do consider Wattpad etc self publishing. If something has a ridiculously high number of readers there is a chance I can interest a publisher in it, but in general I stay away from watty projects. Best to bring an agent something fresh. #askagent Others may feel differently tho!

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Naomi Davis @NaomisLitPix

@KCGallagher13 Several things stand out as repetitive in my passes. Often, the dialogue didn't feel natural & felt relayed to reader rather than b/t characters. More often: pacing didn't keep up steady. Even more: writing had an uneven quality, such as 2nd 30 pgs weren't as polished as 1st.

#askagent response about why I pass on full manuscripts. Other key reasons: multiple POVs were not deeply immersed enough for me to experience a cohesive story, characters who felt lifeless, story was predictable, plot wandered too much, worldbuilding lacked in multiple scenes.

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KC Gallagher @KCGallagher13

@NaomisLitPix Wow! So out of all those requests that didn't pan out, is there a similar thing that made you feel they MS wasn't for you after all?

Replying to @KCGallagher13

But MOST often, the skill level is where I needed it to be but it just didn't DRAG ME IN the way I'd hoped. It's a subjective reaction not indicative of anyrhing wrong with the book - just didn't make me feel like I MUST have it. #askagent

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InterContinentalBallisticMissile @InterMissile

@NaomisLitPix You know... & this is an irrational idea in this modern world.... But if you ONLY accepted HANDWRITTEN query letters through snail mail.... Not only would you have 75% fewer queries, but you'd have 90% fewer waste of time unprofessional not ready to be a writer type queries

Replying to @InterMissile

Just because they aren't "ready" doesn't mean they aren't worthy of my time, attention, and response.

Nor is my opinion the be all end all of responses.

And think of what I might miss for those who cannot afford the postage to send out a batch of 15 page q packets! #askagent

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Jennifer SantaPutten 🌊⛄🎄 @JenVanderputten

@NaomisLitPix I'm going to have to watch myself for this. My nature is to assume that I'll be lucky to get an offer at all & I might jump too quickly. Question: is it okay to let an offering agent know that you are going to take a little time to consider? What is a reasonable time period?

Replying to @JenVanderputten

Great question! Definitely ask for time. Any good agent will be willing to give you 2 weeks. Inform all other agents with the full manuscript that you have an offer, giving them 2 weeks to respond. With any luck you'll be able to choose from several reputable agents! #askagent

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Bumbling Gardenista @BumblingGarden

@NaomisLitPix Omg. That’s like rejecting Chris Hemsworth for a first date... 🤪

Replying to @BumblingGarden

An author needs to feel like *I* am the right match for them as much as I do. When I lose one, it does hurt (VERY much so!), but I'm glad they are confident in the direction they've chosen. I want the best for them+book, even if that best is not me. #askagent #querystats

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Kate @katenicholas007

@jody_hadlock @NaomisLitPix Do you know more or less which books you can sell to what publisher? I’ve found many publishers who want similar to what I’ve written but don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. As in, do you look at the whole of the market or just a set few publishers ?

Replying to @katenicholas007

That said, editor preferences are as wildly varied&subjective as agent preferences, and then they have the added step of convincing sales/marketing/etc that the book is a solid investment. Def not as simple as seeing a book is a good fit for a house based on prev pubs. #askagent

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Kate @katenicholas007

@NaomisLitPix What’s your biggest reason for rejecting? And what’s your biggest reason for accepting 🤔

My biggest reason for rejecting is that the writing wasn't ready. Or the story didn't feel original enough.
For accepting: the writing wowed me (original&dynamic voice) and the story felt like something I hadn't read before.

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