Patty Carothers


Looking for books in all the wrong places. :) #Writer #Copyeditor #LitAgent at

Just south of St. Louis

Metamorphosis Literary Agency

Patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers · Sep 17


Tis the season to be spooky, right?

Sooo looking for a good horror manuscript to keep me awake at night!

Patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers · May 3


I am putting it out to the universe...

MG stories with dragons

MG stories for girls with strong female leads

Patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers · Apr 20


Would love to see some middle-grade fiction with characters that bounce off the pages!

Patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers · Mar 10

Putting it out here:

Would love to read a YA superhero story with a protag like Tony Stark. ;)

Patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers · Mar 9

Would really love to read a #YA serial killer with a conscious!!!

Patty Carothers @PattyMCarothers · Mar 1

I sooo want to read stories with characters like these. #MSWL