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Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · Jan 4

Another thing on my #MSWL this year: a contemporary YA novel that makes me feel like I'm listening to Tracy Chapman's Fast Car.

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · Jan 2

In 2018, I would love to see more projects that deeply explore a single fascinating subject. If you're writing a book about mushrooms or synchronized swimming or tornados or camels or shoelaces, I'm your girl. #MSWL

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 27 Sep 2016

#MSWL: science, true crime, sociology, narrative history, everything feminist, health & wellness, and tear-inducing contemporary YA.

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 23 May 2016

And this is a tall order, but I'm also craving deep explorations of science history ala Emperor of All Maladies #MSWL

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 23 May 2016

It's #MSWL Monday and I'd love to see more pop science, especially with a business angle! Ex: Quiet, Power of Habit, Thinking Fast and Slow.

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 2 May 2016

On this #MSWL Monday, I'm putting in a special ask for more investigative journalism!

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 28 Mar 2016

Also more sports books. Extra points for swimming! #MSWL

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 28 Mar 2016

Late on my #MSWL Monday post but I'd love to see more #truecrime that also addresses social issues.

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 21 Mar 2016

On this #MSWL Monday I'm hunting for contemporary YA with big heart. Think More Happy Than Not or The Spectacular Now...

Mackenzie Brady Watson @MackenzieCBrady · 10 Feb 2016

#MSWL: I could really use some interesting pop science or science history proposals in my life right now.

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