Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen · 15h

Seeing a notable uptick in queries categorized as “new adult”, so this is a reminder that New Adult is not currently a thing in traditional publishing, and many agents may be auto-rejecting your queries based on this category listing in your query #querytip

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · 2d

Sending out offers and passes today. Bittersweet... Just because an editor passes does NOT mean your book isn't good! It just means it isn't right for that particular editor. #pubtip #querytip

Lynn Johnston @lynnjohnstonlit · 4d

Here are 3 things you can do while you're working on your book proposal or manuscript to boost your career as a writer and aspiring author. #amwriting #amediting #pubtip

A.M. Rose @annmrose · 4d

Authors please double space your sample pages
An agent who probably needs glasses
#subtip #querytip #SlushInsight

Hilary Harwell @HilaryHarwell · 4d

Query trend - authors not fully understanding their audience. Telling me your project will fit my YA/MG fantasy romance line is a big red flag! #querytip #amquerying #agentlife

Britt Siess @BrittSiess · 4d

Britt Siess @BrittSiess

I'm starting to get through the queries that came in while I was on vacation, and I'm noticing a trend where writers say their book "is intended for X audience but could also appeal to this completely other audience" (Adult then MG) or is a "Thriller but also a Fantasy" #querytip

When I read this, it just signals to me that you don't really know where your book belongs (on the shelf). If it's a YA thriller, throw all of your pitching weight behind that! No book is for every audience! Trying to appeal to every market weakens your pitch. #querytip

Cortney Radocaj 🏳️‍🌈💖💜💙 @CortneyRadocaj · 5d


I’m not the right agent for marriage plots, whether it’s YA or adult. Even in fantasy/royal situations—it’s just not my thing.

But please for the love of all the gods don’t take this as not wanting love stories ROMANTIC SUBPLOTS ARE MY JAM I WANT THEM ALL TO KISS

Naomi Davis, literary agent @NaomisLitPix · 5d

I want to expand a touch on what I said in my previous Tweet about "predictability" in SFF. There are certain elements that have been done in a similar pattern so many times in SFF that it's pretty easy for me to guess what will happen next. #amquerying #amwriting #querytip But..

Amelia Appel @AmeliaLAppel · 5d

Writers, be conscious of font in your query. You want it to be easy for agents to read! You will NEVER ever ever go wrong with 12 pt Times New Roman. No need to try to stand out this way - let your writing shine on its own! #querytip #amwriting #amquerying

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · 5d

Ya'll, I do not want to be phone pitched. Please just query by email. Thanks! #querytip

Rach Crawford @RachAC · 6d

I always feel grateful when an author pastes their query letter into their ms doc, especially for a requested full. Makes it easy to get quickly orientated within my e-reader on reading days, & gives me a mental map of what beats I'm looking for in the story. #querytip

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · 6d

Today's #pubtip: book writing is a really, really terrible career to get into if you just want cool people to like you. Being an agent is a much better choice if that's your personality type. LOL.

Samantha Wekstein @SWekstein · Oct 8

#Querytip This should be obvious, but please follow submission guidelines. For example, I do not like pages pasted into the email body. It won't stop me from reviewing, but it's a pain. In my case, I prefer an attachment.

Susan, A Graham at NYCC @Grahamophones · Oct 8

Some advice to creators: if you are not a client, please do not follow up every few days - every couple weeks is fine to too soon. #subtip #querytip

Clients comes first & many agents have second jobs. I know you're anxious, but be kind to us please. Most of us are always dying.

Sharon Pelletier @sharongracepjs · Oct 8

(I'm also seeing an grievous uptick in LinkedIn / DM pitches, and in outrageously offensive language/content in queries, but I'm sure no one following me on twitter dot com would ever do such sins!!!!)

Sharon Pelletier @sharongracepjs · Oct 8

Sharon Pelletier @sharongracepjs

Spent a lot of time yesterday dealing with my query backlog so here's a few #querytips to help you really stand out from the crowd


Struggles I'm seeing recently:

-Missing sample pages or a random number thereof despite clear guidelines on our website (you have no business querying an agent whose website you haven't visited)

-Word counts that are absolutely wild for your category


Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Oct 7

Try to stay away from over exaggerations and use adverbs ending in -ly sparingly. It doesn't help to get your point across, and let's be honest, which is stronger:
"She's extremely angry and goes to hunt them down."
"She hunts them down, anger raging inside her."