McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 18 Oct 2016

Plz always let agents you've queried know if you have an offer of rep! It's sad learning the MS we stayed up reading is now rep'd #querytip

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 11 Mar 2016

Most agencies (including us!) ask that you only query one agent per agency. You have several options here so please choose wisely! #querytip

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 8 Jan 2016

If you receive and/or accept an offer of representation, it's best to inform all the agents still considering your work! #querytip

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 11 Nov 2015

#Querytip - It's helpful to keep all correspondence in the same email chain. Just reply and change the subj line re: requests, offers, etc!

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 21 May 2015

The term "fictional novel" should not be in your query as it is redundant. By definition, a novel is a work of fiction! #querytip

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 9 Apr 2015

What's the difference between a query letter and a synopsis? @ShiraSHoffman gives you the low down here: #querytip

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 7 Apr 2015

While we enjoy a laugh, please proofread! Big difference between finding oneself in danger and finding oneself in dander... #querytip

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 1 Apr 2015

UPDATE:In conjunction with our move, we are now only accepting queries via carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or synchronized swimming. #querytip

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 17 Mar 2015

#querytip: Don't drink and query. Also, happy St. Patrick's Day!

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 8 Jan 2015

#querytip: Follow the guidelines! Every agency is different and it is easier for agents to consider a MS that has been properly submitted.

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 16 Sep 2014

#QueryTip: Please follow all of our query guidelines ( and submit only to the agent who best fits your book!

McIntosh & Otis @McIntoshAndOtis · 2 Sep 2014

#Querytip: spell-check your query materials! Just read a query whose author is on Facebook and "Titter." #publishing #TypoTuesday