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Sarah Shumway Liu @sarahshum · 14 Aug 2019

And so I think I love the web-like drama and very pure emotion and I’d like it intersectional and inclusive in lovely and complicated ways, too. So, yeah, #MSWL! YA, pls. 4/4

Sarah Shumway Liu @sarahshum · 25 Oct 2018

Looking at my inbox, wishing it had a fun picture book centering an Asian child. And some without gender roles/stereotypes. And maybe one with ballet. Just thinking in two minutes before a meeting. #mswl

Sarah Shumway Liu @sarahshum · 12 Sep 2018

Since it's that day, some #MSWL: a YA version of Terrace House? Because I'm a little obsessed right now. #sendhelpcantstopwatching