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Literary Agent at @RootLiterary . Specializes in science fiction and fantasy. Lives in the wilds of New York City.


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Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 23 Jan 2016

A synopsis attached at the bottom of the letter does NOT replace a query. You must pitch your book in the query, not just yourself #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 23 Jan 2016

Also, no need to define publishing terms for me. You're wasting valuable space on things I already know/won't help you! #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 23 Jan 2016

Please don't include the Latin honors you graduated with? No one cares about your GPA and it sounds like you're stuck on grades #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 20 Oct 2015

Seeing a lot of queries that quote the length in number of pages. Don't do that! It's always in number of words. #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 13 Oct 2015

I've seen several queries today that say the ms is in edits. Don't query until it's absolutely the best it can be! #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 22 Sep 2015

Just a reminder that I will not open any unsolicited attachments! So please don't ruin your query's chances by attaching it #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 15 Sep 2015

DO mention if you are a part of the culture your book references/pulls from, bc I'm very interested in authentic, diverse stories #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 15 Sep 2015

Don't quote from other rejections (??) even if they sound somewhat complimentary or nice #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 15 Sep 2015

Also, don't use your valuable opening lines on bio, past works, etc! Hook me with your book as soon as possible #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 15 Sep 2015

#querytip: When I'm in the middle of an inbox plunge, an opening paragraph that's basically a wall of rhetorical questions kills your query.

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 2 Sep 2015

Sometimes people mention in their query that they're waiting to hear from me before sending more queries out. DON'T DO THAT. #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 23 Jul 2015

Please send files in the format requested! If I can't read your ms on my iPad, the odds of me reading at all drop significantly #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 21 Jul 2015

I sort my query inbox "oldest to newest" so if you nudge on one I haven't read yet, you just bumped it back in the queue! #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 12 Jul 2015

If I get through three or more paragraphs in your email and I still know nothing about your MS past the title, I stop reading. #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 13 Feb 2015

Also, never pitch an unfinished work of fiction. Proposals are for non fiction only! #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 13 Feb 2015

Don't have someone else send a query on your behalf. Queries may be painful, but only you can give your book the one it deserves. #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 13 Feb 2015

I'm happy to hear that a manuscript may be part of a series! But if the projected series is 10+ books long, I'm just concerned. #querytip

Kurestin Armada @kurestinarmada · 12 Feb 2015

I know people say a query should have a hook, but PLEASE do not say "Hook: ________" Make it organic to the pitch! #querytip