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Moe Ferrara is in need of coffee @inthesestones · Mar 26

Joanne Machin is querying! @heyjomachin

I *think* I have a basic understanding of it as a writer—but I’d love additional input. “Voice” has been so huge in everything I read re:pub. What is your best answer to what exactly is “voice?” #AskAgent

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Voice is so nebulous, especially in terms of what we all react to and are looking for. For me, it's how you craft your manuscript—the dialogue, the description, etc. The tone and the sorts of emotion you can evoke in me. #AskAgent

Moe Ferrara is in need of coffee @inthesestones · Mar 26

KAClaytor @KAClaytor

What are agents thoughts on representing overseas authors?#AskAgent

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Speaking as one who has, now, four Aussie authors—totally fine with it. It just means a lot of creative math for phone calls! #AskAgent

Moe Ferrara is in need of coffee @inthesestones · 28 Feb 2019

So as we're ending this #AskAgent, self-promo time! If you've liked what I said and think we'd be a match, shoot me a query at

Top of my wishlist: LGBT contemp, unique fantasy, creepy mind-bending horror.

Ages acquiring: PB, MG, YA, Adult

Moe Ferrara is in need of coffee @inthesestones · 28 Feb 2019

KFSwann @KfSwann

@bookendslit #AskAgent Do any agents take the time to work with a new writer to polish the manuscript?

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If I really love the project, yes. But with as many clients as I have, I have to be careful about the projects that 'need a lot of work' that I take on. #AskAgent

Moe Ferrara is in need of coffee @inthesestones · 28 Feb 2019

Jessica Faust @BookEndsJessica

@catecaldwell66 If it works use it. Comps can be a bit personal. I, for example, am famously known at @bookendslit for my lack of tv/film knowledge. Others however would definitely connect to a comp. 2002 is too old IMHO #askagent

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I mean, then again if you're sending me something a la great 80s films (Clue or the Breakfast Club) I'm really here for it... I think the cult classics might be the exception to the rule. BUT film is also different from books. #AskAgent

Moe Ferrara is in need of coffee @inthesestones · 13 Apr 2018

Anna Clarity Kaling @AnnaKaling

#askagent What are the most overused phrases you see in queries?

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Destiny, “series of events”, chosen one — other similar vague words and phrases that don’t tell me about the plot. #askagent