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The Bent Agency

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Mar 20

trish is fine @trishwithapen

@beth_phelan #askbeth has Coronavirus changed the way you evaluate queries? If so how?

Replying to @trishwithapen

i'm still as behind on queries as always LOL

but really also, still peeking in looking for that spark :)

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Mar 20

Dr. Barbara | Historical Advisor @adoptanovel

@beth_phelan What are the BIG trends that you're foreseeing (or seeing) in near future? (fiction, I mean)

Replying to @adoptanovel

trends are so impossible (at least for the skeptic in me who always thinks "you never know") but i do wonder if we as a society will want even more happy things or perhaps even virtual-centered stories... but i think it always depends on the book itself. we break trends

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Mar 20

Hannah V. Sawyerr @HannSawyerr

@beth_phelan Any advice on querying (or not querying) an agent if your work isn’t currently on their wishlist but you write work that is similar to authors they represent? #AskBeth

Replying to @HannSawyerr

the wishlist is only a snippet! it's SOME of what we're looking for in that one moment of time, but not the ONLY stuff we're looking for. we still want to be surprised, so go for it! (as long as it's in the categories/genres we actually rep)

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Mar 20

Shannan Williams @enlightenedpen

@beth_phelan #askbeth Are there any plans to add a mentorship component to DevPit?

Replying to @enlightenedpen

there are! we have lots of plans in the coming years to expand what dvpit does and what we offer. just not sure the timeline yet!

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Mar 20

Sadiyah Bashir @idabwellin

@beth_phelan What is the best way(s) for a poet to query an agent? #AskBeth

Replying to @idabwellin

oh this is a tough one bc i am so removed from that part of the industry but i am pretty sure has a lit agents database that you can sort by poetry? and then query per their specific submission guidelines (typically sending an email)

beth phelan @beth_phelan · Mar 20

MichaelJWriting @MichaelJWriting

@beth_phelan #AskBeth What is your opinion of a debut writer getting their book edited before querying you?

Replying to @MichaelJWriting

i don't have an opinion bc it depends on the writer's situation EXCEPT to say that it is not a mandatory thing to do before querying. if you have the means and it makes sense to you, then go for it. if you feel like you're "supposed to" or else can't query until you do -- nope

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 15 Nov 2019

Kaylynn Nelson @NelsonKaylynn

@beth_phelan I heard a popular agent being interviewed in a writing podcast say that YA epic fantasy is an over flooded market, but YA contemporary fantasy is more in demand. Do you think that’s true?

Replying to @NelsonKaylynn

I think a lot of things feel saturated and we’re always looking for something that feels fresh! It varies but i wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself. It always depends on the book.

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 15 Nov 2019

Sammie Trinidad @TrinidadSammie

@beth_phelan What are the biggest “eye roll” cliche questions you get from aspiring authors?

Replying to @TrinidadSammie

I don’t think there are many eye roll-y ones specific to aspiring authors, it’s more that some authors (aspiring or not) ask questions they can find answers to on google or ask problematic diversity questions haha

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 15 Nov 2019

Noreen @naziaso

@beth_phelan If you query do u still CNR? Or no respons is rejection? #askagent

Replying to @naziaso

I’m trying my best lol but def cross me off if you have been waiting too long and i deserve that! Don’t wanna hold anyone up