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mg & ya literary agent (but closed to unsolicited submissions). INTP. she/her. creator of #DVpit (@DVpit_) and @DV_con . pronounced FAIL-inn. defund the police.

Brooklyn, NY

The Bent Agency

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 1 Apr 2019

Ayana Gray @AyanaGray

#asklitAOC bumping because I think mine got lost in the void!

Replying to @AyanaGray

this is a good and complex question! i'd like to hear what others say but i wonder if asking their feelings on SRs and the so-called call-outs would be interesting to generate a conversation and see how your thoughts align, or don't. #askLitAOC

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 1 Apr 2019

Robert De Negro @baizeodu

How do you feel about your authors later delving into genres that may not be in your area of expertise? #askLitAOC

Replying to @baizeodu

it's a conversation. sometimes i have the connections and feel confident in repping. if i know i'm not what's best, then we'd find them another (or a new) agent #askLitAOC