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mg & ya literary agent (but closed to unsolicited submissions). INTP. she/her. creator of #DVpit (@DVpit_) and @DV_con . pronounced FAIL-inn. defund the police.

Brooklyn, NY

The Bent Agency

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 22 Mar 2017

Reba Khatun @RebaKhatun

@beth_phelan Ok. Thanks. Any tips on a strong query?thanks #askTBA

Replying to @RebaKhatun

Little about MC & goals, tell me about inciting incident & plot, then tease the climax, don't give away the end. :) #askTBA

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 22 Mar 2017

Whalerock @Whalerock21

What is best time of year to query. #askTBA

Replying to @Whalerock21

don't think there is one! We look at queries at our own pace. Just make sure you don't query when we're closed to subs. #askTBA

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 3 Aug 2015

@MireyahWolfe Time for a chat with your agent, methinks. Another agent at the agency maybe? #askTBA

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 3 Aug 2015

Nina Fortmeyer @NFortmeyer

#asktba How important are comps in a query?

@NFortmeyer They communicate a LOT. Don't leave them out. That said, I've req'd plenty mss that didn't have comps. :) #askTBA