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Literary Agent at the Bradford Literary Agency, making my way through adventures in agent land.

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Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Frank Reynolds @BrightPurpleSky

#askagentBLA what is a good definition for the word "query"? I want to ask but after googling it only confused me even more.

Replying to @BrightPurpleSky

A cover letter that tells me the hook of your book, enough to make me want to turn to pages, perhaps why you chose to query me, and a little about who you are. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Ameerah Holliday @Ms_Holliday93

Do publishing certificate/ Masters programs help in regard to getting your foot through the agenting door? Any tips for some who’s trying? Thanks!


Replying to @Ms_Holliday93

Not really. I mean, they provide mentorships sometimes, or could lead to an internship which could lead to a personalized connection, but they're really more for craft than business. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Susan @SusieSlushPile

#askagentBLA Agents are looking for writers with “voice” - what does that mean to you? What about a MS makes you perk up your ears and twitch your whiskers?

Replying to @SusieSlushPile

See how you peppered your tweet with a personalized viewpoint - you likened me to a cat - why would she liken me to a cat? Does she love them? What does that say about you? About what you think of me? That's voice. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

🍂🍁Alaysia Jordan🍁🍂 @Alaysia_Jordan

#askagentbla are unusual writing formats or concepts/WIPs/MS without on-the-nose comp titles frowned upon? (It's a weird question)

Replying to @Alaysia_Jordan

No? I don't frown if I don't get a comp; I'll think of them if I have the vision for how to sell it. But if you can't find one exact, give comps that have pieces of your work - like, the voice of X with the eclectic style of X. #askagentbla