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Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Sep 9

My guest blog post is up on @SFWC:
Beneath the Ice: A Literary Agent Discusses Rejection… #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Aug 22

Someone referred to personalizing the query as "tush-kissing."

That's a bitter misconception. We aren't looking for ego-stroking. Personalization is stating the reason you want us to be your literary agent. Often it's simply because we rep what you write. #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jun 28

Hope this latest blog post helps authors view the process in a different light #querytip #askagent
Literary Agents Query Too:…

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jun 14

Grammar and the Inferiority Complex: My latest questions whether submissions are really rejected based on grammar errors. #querytip #askagent…

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jun 11

A rejection doesn't mean you're a bad writer or we didn't like your project. Just means I didn't have that burning-absolute-yes-gut-feeling that will fuel our efforts as we drill through revisions and then champion your project to publishers. #askagent #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Apr 21

The bio section of your query is an important supporting role to your pitch. Give us a snapshot of who you are as a writer. Doesn’t need to be full of pub credits, but if it’s vague or non-related, that indicates you’re unsure about your brand as an author. #querytip #askagent

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Apr 18

Opening your pitch with a rhetorical question can be risky, particularly the "have you ever wondered" type. Because most of the time, I haven't ever wondered. So it won't lure me in the way a pitch should. #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Mar 22

When pitching your manuscript, avoid stating how the audience will react or what they will learn.

Art will be interpreted by the individual. Yes it’s your art and your intention, but you can’t make the reader feel by telling them how to.

#querytip #writetip #askagent

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Mar 15

A Day In The Life of a Literary Agent (Or The Reason They Haven't Read Your Submission Yet) #querytip #askagent #tiredbunny…

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Feb 24

An author asked me how to not come off creepy in their query letter, which sparked the idea for this post: Personalizing The Query: How Much Is Too Much? #querytip…

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Feb 4

Not often considered #querytip, when you send your sample or ms as a word doc attachment, check that the zoom is 100% or 125%. Sometimes I open an attachment and the words ARE VERY LARGE IN MY FACE or *super *tiny *can't *read *it.

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Feb 2

I never realized how many authors try just changing the title and then resubmit the same ms. Now our sub system QueryManager tells us when this happens! Explains my multiple feelings of deja vu from before. Please don’t do this, it wastes all our time. #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jan 31

In your query, give a brief reason why you think we'd be a good fit to represent your work. Even a simple "because you list x genre in your guidelines, you may be interested in my ms." Helpful for you to know the reason as well, as all agents are not the same! #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jan 26

Gentle reminder. Please only query one agent at our agency at a time. With all of us on the QueryManager submission system it now alerts us when you double up. #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jan 22

Although aggregated lists on blogs and such can be great for researching literary agents, always check the agency's own website for the most current submission guidelines. Outdated posts can give you inaccurate info, which may lead to your query being missed or deleted. #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jan 15

I received a request on a submission that I read the entire manuscript rather than just the first pages, as the book has a “slow start.” Remember, dear author, I’m only the first in a long line of readers that you need to hook with those first pages. #writetip #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jan 13

An author asked me if there were any mistakes in a query that were unforgivable? My response: #querytip…

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · Jan 7

Monthly reminder. Unsolicited quieres sent to my email will be deleted unread. It’s in your best interest to follow my submission guidelines. My form is set up to organize my response time, so you get an answer in a timely manner. #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · 31 Dec 2018

Wondering why agents hold onto manuscripts for months only to reject them? Sometimes, not offering representation can be as hard a decision as offering. #querytip

Mary C. Moore @Mary_C_Moore · 17 Nov 2018

Reading submissions, I’m struck by the potential I see every day. Despite what your authorial insecurities might tell you, agents are not gleefully tossing projects in the bin. Most of my rejections are because the author and/or project isn’t ready. #querytip