Ali Herring @HerringAli · 5h

#WriteTip #QueryTip Be sure to balance your dialog with sufficient narration & action beats. Dialog & action beats without narration is like someone serving me dry toast without butter. Narration brings forward the internal part of the story, the part most of us gravitate toward.

Caroline Bliss Larsen @editor_caro · 6h

Great presentation by @Dongwon Song at #UVUBookAcademy about pitching your book. I found it useful for not only querying my own future book projects but also for acquiring books for @fluxbooks and @JollyFishPress 😊 Thanks, Dongwon! #querytip #amquerying #amwriting

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 9h

#QueryTip = if you say, "I'm previously published" in your query, please include titles, publisher and dates.


Rosie 🖤 @RosalieCJonker · 1d

Rosie 🖤 @RosalieCJonker

take heed, lest ye be likewise chastened

also PLEASE don’t be the guy who enclosed a SASE but tucked inside it a note insinuating that if I reject him it’s only because I myself am a failed novelist (extremely untrue, I am a Gemini and do not have the attention span to even ATTEMPT to write a whole-ass novel) #querytip

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · 1d

A trend in submissions I am noticing today: middle grade protagonists named Charlie. I have read 5 queries about boys named Charlie. No girls named Charlie though. #subtip #querytip

Susan Graham @Grahamophones · 1d

Susan, A Graham @Grahamophones

Hello! Please remember that an agent doesn't work for/with you unless you're a client. Haranguing them in submissions for not being at your beck and call doesn't serve your time or theirs, & it doesn't serve your work. #querytip #subtip

To be clear. This does not mean do not follow up or nudge them politely. I am talking about long, angry, yelling emails, or spamming that gets increasingly passive aggressive. That sort of thing. #subtip #querytip - please feel free to follow up and nudge us.

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 1d

One (baby) step at a time. I know it's very hard to do, but its very wise advice for anyone entering the publishing industry. #pubtip

Thao Le @ThaoLe8 · 1d

Am now reopen to queries! You can submit via QueryMe.Online/thaole. Do check out my MSWL to see what I'm looking for. #amquerying #amwriting #querytip #querystatus

Léonicka @leonicka · 1d

Léonicka @leonicka

Slowly taking a machete to my query inbox. It is MUCH HARDER than I anticipated to give feedback to writers individually but maybe I can give a few tips here?

I fall in love with characters first and foremost. All the other writing elements are important, yes, but you can win me over (or lose me completely) with your characters. So when pitching me, lead with them. #querytip

Marlene Stringer @MarleneStringer · 2d

Most writers are rejected (talent is a given) due to not knowing the tropes and word count for their genre. How do you learn that? You READ in the genre you want to write for publication. #pubtip

Lynnette Novak @Lynnette_Novak · 3d

To those #amquerying, if an agent rejects your current project, you can still query him/her with another project. Don't think the door is closed forever. All it takes is the right project with the right agent at the right time. Don't give up! #amagenting #pubtip

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · 4d

Eternal #pubtip: when you get a pass from an agent, please don't ask them for names of other agents they should talk to. And if they are nice enough to do so, *please* don't exaggerate this as a professional endorsement in your next query.

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · 4d

#querytip #lifehack Kindness goes a long way in work, and in life. Rudeness will sooner OR later backfire. It may not seem like it at the moment, but it will.

Melissa Edwards @MelissaLaurenE · 4d

Evergreen #querytip: if you’re horribly rude or inappropriate to one of us, many of us will find out. Thankfully, the majority of queriers are professional and courteous, and we appreciate it immensely.

Kate Nash #FBPE @katenashagent · 5d

"As a concept this shows lots of promise but what is missing is the emotional aspect of the plot." I did the pitch surgery in this month's Mslexia magazine. Read my advice on this pitch for a Romantic Comedy novel #askagent #querytip #publishing #romcom

ℭ𝔬𝔪𝔭𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔬𝔫 ℌ𝔲𝔣𝔣𝔩𝔢𝔭𝔲𝔣𝔣 @BeatrixConti · 5d

This should not need to be said but DO NOT submit your book to agents that don’t represent your genre. Duh. Everyday at least 20% of the queries I read have this problem. You’re not going to be the exception to the rule. #pubtip

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · 6d

It’s cool to reference which of my clients' books you enjoy reading, but don’t waste precious word count in your query comparing your book to theirs. Just be your own thing. #querytip #pubtip

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