Alec Shane @alecdshane · 11h

#pubtip if you'll be going to a writers conference in 2018, please keep in mind that agents/editors attend these things because they WANT to meet you, hear about your book, and sign up a project they love. Never be afraid to approach someone (respectfully) to talk about your work

Elana Roth Parker @ElanaRoth · 1d

Writers, contrary to the shiny stories, the SPEED of your book deal has nothing to do with the strength and the health of your book deal, nor is it a predictor of long-term success. #pubtip

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 1d

Writers, if an agent gives you less than a week to accept or decline their offer of representation, that's unreasonable. Insist on at least a full week, not just to give other agents time to read, but to give YOURSELF time to make this very important business decision. #querytip

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · 2d

One thing I can say about publishing is that you should always remember it’s a small industry, and kindness and respect can go a long way. #pubtip

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · 2d

One thing you should truly take into consideration when choosing an agent is their hunger, drive, & enthusiasm for your work. Passion for a project is so incredibly important, and sometimes it can even surpass experience. So it's good to take a chance on younger agents! #pubtip

Kira @KiraWatsonESA · 2d

6) Did you remember to include a bio? It's fine if you don't have writing/publishing credentials. You can let the agent know where you went to college, what degree do you have, where you work, etc.
#querytip #amquerying

Kira @KiraWatsonESA · 2d

5) Is my pitch concise (with a good hook) or is it a long rant that has very little to do with the manuscript? You DO NOT need to tell the agent what inspired you to write the MS or go into your entire life story. Focus on the pitch. #querytip

Kira @KiraWatsonESA · 2d

#QueryTip Things to check for before sending your query:
1) Does the agent rep my category/genre
2) Do I have a subject line with the MS title, category/genre, agent's name?
3) Do I have a greeting for the agent? i.e. "Dear Ms./Mr./____"
4) Is the agent's name spelled correctly?

Barry Goldblatt @barrygoldblatt · 2d

Opening your query letter with “I’ve already got nine full manuscript requests from agents” is a poor life choice. #querytip #instareject #amagenting

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · 3d

It’s best not to start off a query with “I’ve just completed my manuscript.” Agents don’t want to look at first drafts. It’s best to polish your work as much as possible before querying, or at least don’t tell an agent in the opening line that you haven’t done the work #querytip

Meg LaTorre @MegLaTorre · 3d

Replying to @iWriterly

Queries can be submitted online for consideration for future #QueryHack critiques here:…

#querytip #amquerying

Christina Kaye @xtinakayebooks · 4d

#querytip Do not spend your entire query telling me how horrible a person you are then at the end tell the agent they should still take a chance on you. Seriously, this happened....

Christina Kaye @xtinakayebooks · 4d

#querytip When an agent asks to read your book after you query them, do not wait two weeks to send them your book (IMHO). In other words, don't query an agent until/unless your book is finished and you are ready to send it immediately.

Cari Lamba @CariLamba · 4d

Started my #ValentinesDay by being addressed as Mr. Carl Lamba in a query so I feel pretty 💁‍♀️ #querytip always address your queries properly!

Joelle Delbourgo @JLDelbourgo · 4d

Writers, when querying agents, check agency guidelines online. Most lit agencies have extensive, informative websites detailing how to submit. Electronic submission generally preferred. At JDA,we have phased out hard copy submission. #pubtip,#amwriting, #publishing

Penny Moore @precociouspenny · 5d

If you forced tailored your book’s pitch to exploit and fit the #MeToo movement, then I don’t want to see it in my inbox. #querytip

Kira @KiraWatsonESA · 5d

DO NOT send your queries to my direct email. DON’T. If you can’t follow submission guidelines on ESA’s website, then that’s a huge red flag. #querytip