Travis Pennington


Associate literary agent, media/marketing @KnightAgency . Author. Most importantly, dog person.

Seattle , L.A. & Taipei

The Knight Agency

Travis Pennington @writertravis · May 27

Would love to find an original #horror with a great voice. Make me love your main characters and then put them thro…

Travis Pennington @writertravis · Feb 8

Voice tops my #MSWL . I can fall in love with a story if it has a unique voice or presentation, even with genres I usually dislike.

Travis Pennington @writertravis · Feb 8

Would love to find #YA or #MG set in interesting historical periods that haven't been written about much before #MSWL

Travis Pennington @writertravis · Feb 8

#MSWL Stories dealing with rare disorders, mental or otherwise, in any genre. A conjoined twins' novel would be great. Must be different.