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Tor Books

Carl Engle-Laird πŸŒ‹ @EngleLaird · 10 Jul 2018

Looking for fantasy and science fiction that takes its influences, in terms both of structuring plot and characterizing action, from anime instead of from Western SFF. #mswl

Carl Engle-Laird πŸŒ‹ @EngleLaird · 22 Feb 2018

Hey, someone sell me the book that could have a cover like these images: (#mswl)

Carl Engle-Laird πŸŒ‹ @EngleLaird · 27 Oct 2017

I want to buy a novel where some sci-fi premise forces a good character to kill the person they love over and over again, forever. #MSWL

Carl Engle-Laird πŸŒ‹ @EngleLaird · 27 Oct 2017

I want some deep android AI to read, several levels beyond "are androids people". Basically NIER: AUTOMATA the novel. #MSWL

Carl Engle-Laird πŸŒ‹ @EngleLaird · 6 Oct 2016

PS for anyone thinking of writing some non-European fantasy, I'm in the market for hero's quest fantasy but w/ mostly women #mswl