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Harlequin Books

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · Jul 23

Acquiring, writing, editing, or agenting in one genre doesn't mean you can't acquire, write, edit, or agent in another genre. Your skills are transferable; it's unfair to be pigeonholed. So many editors, agents, etc. work across genres - you should be able to, too. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 10 Sep 2016

If you write suspense, you've got to do your research: more than just watching procedurals. Talk to people, read all you can. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 7 Sep 2016

It's important to know where your book would fit in a publisher's program and how it could expand on that very program. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 7 Sep 2016

Submitting a query to a publishing house? Make sure you read what other books they're publishing in which programs. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 11 Aug 2016

Settings can be a huge selling hook. Don't forget to tell us where your book takes place! #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 22 Jul 2016

Always make sure your research sources are reliable. Check the website's/publisher's legitimacy (academic? crowd-sourced?). #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 22 Jun 2016

Writing/revising back cover copy is an art. Best way to learn? Read lots of BCC, get feedback from savvy editors/critique partners. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 22 Jun 2016

Don't just describe what your character is doing; live it and bring it to life. AKA editors care about "show, don't tell." #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 9 May 2016

If you're submitting a category romance to a Harlequin series, *please* pay attention to themes/word count. Do your research. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 24 Feb 2016

I recommend using only one space between sentences, unless otherwise specified. Makes life much easier for all. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 23 Feb 2016

Pacing is so important. Consider which details are necessary and help further the story and central romance. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 26 Jan 2016

In a romance, every action between the hero and heroine should be suffused with romantic tension, conscious or not. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 25 Jan 2016

Always make sure your sentences make sense. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 13 Jan 2016

I do my best to balance compliments and critiques/suggestions in a manuscript. It's important to show appreciation of their writing. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 29 Dec 2015

If you plan to use fragments/run-ons, vary your sentence structure. The core of every narrative should be complete sentences. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 14 Dec 2015

Make sure your hero and heroine have realistic internal conflicts. Don't add them in haphazardly; weave them in from page 1. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 25 Aug 2015

I recommend giving your hero/heroine siblings. Good fodder for emotional complications and potential hero/heroine for future books! #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 17 Jun 2015

Your cover letter should be about your book and perhaps a brief note about yourself. Don't make it an auto-biography. #pubtip

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 17 Jun 2015

Only submit your manuscript to places that publish your type of story. Sending a gory thriller to romance publishers - not good. #pubtip