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Julianna Haubner @jhaubner2 · Jul 25

my kingdom for a hogarth shakespeare/jon clinch-esque series of novels that retell contemporary classics (farewell to arms, gatsby, catcher) through the female side characters' POVs. #mswl

Julianna Haubner @jhaubner2 · 1 Oct 2018

Okay, it’s officially fall and last week was a lot so:

Agents, send me your proposals, your novels, your stories of badass women yearning to breathe free. My body, brain, and inbox are ready. #MSWL #MondayMood

Julianna Haubner @jhaubner2 · 26 Jun 2018

oh well look at that it's time for my periodic and unprompted scream into the twitterverse that what i really want more than anything is some GREAT HISTORICAL FICTION STARRING REAL WOMEN WHO MIGHT NOT BE AS WIDELY-REMEMBERED AS THEY SHOULD! #MSWL