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NYC literary agent. I love animals, books, and tea.

New York, NY

New Leaf Literary

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · 16 Mar 2018

Please don’t open your query with a comment about my appearance. Even if you have good intentions it ALWAYS comes across a bit creepy. It’s just not very professional. #pubtip

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · 13 Aug 2017

Ok #pubtip, if you do webinar or class that comes with a critique make sure to apply the notes from the class to your query.

Suzie Townsend @sztownsend81 · 2 Jun 2015

#Authors here's the best advice I can give you. Focus on the things you can control. Work with a great team & never give up #pubtip