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Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 24 Aug 2015

Smart thoughts from @StephenKing on back story: "(a) everyone has a history and (b) most of it isn't very interesting." #writetip #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 5 Aug 2015

We agents talk to one another. And use our research skills. Just an FYI if you think you're sneaky. #notsosneaky #querytip #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 26 May 2015

We all have something hard going on in our personal lives we don't share here, so let's be kind to one another. Ok? *hugs* #pubtip #lifetip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 3 Jan 2015

Reading, getting 2nd opinions, compiling feedback, discussing w/ colleagues & more make for waiting with *seemingly* no progress. #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 3 Jan 2015

No news from agents doesn't necessarily mean they haven't read your ms. Could be waiting on 2nd opinions from interns/readers/etc. #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 19 Dec 2014

Rejections aren't fun. But know that all writers (and agents & editors!) get them, you're not alone, everyone's timing is unique. #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 11 Dec 2014

Have you ever trunked a MS? @Ava_Jae vlogs about her experience with putting (many) MSs in the drawer: bit.ly/v_TN #yalit #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 5 Dec 2014

SO TRUE! The Roller Coaster of Submissions & 5 Emotional States You'll Experience carolineinspace.blogspot.com/2011/03/after-… via @ctrichmond #pubtip #writers

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 4 Dec 2014

Was going to fave a #PitMad, then happened to see their negative comments about the industry. No fave now. Public posts are PUBLIC. #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 14 Nov 2014

Advice by @LoriPerkinsRAB: Basic Promotion Every Author Should Have agentinthemiddle.blogspot.com/2014/11/an-age… #pubtip Agree/Disagree? She'd love your thoughts!

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 9 Oct 2014

Oldie but a goodie on flawed characters by @lorrainezr this Throwback Thursday tinyurl.com/27lnxs8 #writers #writetip #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 7 Oct 2014

Only sending query to one agent per agency at a time = yes. Only sending to one agent in the world exclusively at a time = no. #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 23 Jun 2014

Not everyone will understand your work choices, and why that’s okay bit.ly/1uZ5LKV #writers #pubtip #amwriting

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 9 Jun 2014

Why the continual cycle of growth is important for #writers, agents, and editors rachelmbrooks.com/2014/06/nobody… #writetip #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 22 May 2014

Advice for #writers is great, but check if the post is current, reliability/expertise of the source, and if its applicable. #pubtip

Rachel Brooks @RachMBrooks · 16 May 2014

So true! MT @RickiSchultz Agents in Am Idol pitch sesh: We need to know what genre/category we're dealing with on page 1 #writetip #pubtip