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Julianna Haubner @jhaubner2 · 4d

if you are a writer looking for a new story or book project or thread to pull: let me suggest that you get ambitiou… https://t.co/doyGPybUoG

seconded! i'd love to see these. #MSWL https://t.co/5cwkLvSekJ

Julianna Haubner @jhaubner2 · Sep 19

Also I should not be allowed to listen to this album in its entirety in certain moments someone please help me. https://t.co/0BhxVRLKb7

Also also can someone pls write a novel that takes this approach & updates a la Nathaniel P or Fates/Furies (#mswl)… https://t.co/4wdy4XXC4b