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Centaur agent at Handspun Literary Agency. Books by, for, and about nerds. She/her.

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C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Oct 19

my god, a woman was catfished & ended up in a relationship with...the hot guy whose pics were used to trick her!! https://t.co/xA6ePoc61G

#MSWL https://t.co/uDSgRAhAyj

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Jul 22

I'd love more #CompetencePorn . Give me people who are really good at their jobs or have a special skill because tha… https://t.co/NTF18NvvUU

#MSWL https://t.co/FaoO4UZLYE

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Jun 5

“I never realized how high [the platform] was,” he said. “Luckily, I’m a ballet dancer, so I swung my leg up.” https://t.co/xpNkmAjsP3

#mswl https://t.co/r9QhW2pAU2

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Mar 2

A green plush velvet dress that looks as if it could have been fashioned from moss, unashamedly textural c1885-88… https://t.co/bstsQO4JjE

#mswl https://t.co/EEd7q87Awz

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Oct 31 2016

If one of my friends doesn't write this as a rom series, I'll cry. https://t.co/mDMqCcyu2C

#mswl . I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed this. https://t.co/EE5KWj6dQs

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Oct 25 2016

Two girls went on The Bachelor Australia to compete for a guy, but ended up falling in love with each other. This… https://t.co/O6rvLgR6T3

#mswl https://t.co/Zl2s4gMQoU

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Oct 4 2016

I want this story, Romancelandia. In my head it's saucy elementary school teacher meets steady veterinarian.… https://t.co/szeBVmlzCn

#MSWL https://t.co/WLSv1rfs7m

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Aug 25 2016

#mswl : a different take on queer history, please. https://t.co/2yyaIwcfvp

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Feb 10 2016

Jesus, we are all very lucky to live at the same time as @hhavrilesky . This is a work of ART: https://t.co/wfOR14vUyO

#mswl : this, as women's fiction. https://t.co/l73YGX9X05

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Oct 20 2015

#mswl : upmarket women's fiction about Angelica Schuyler. (please please please)

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Sep 18 2015

Really, really looking forward to more YA and NA dealing with contraception and reproductive issues. We need it so badly.

#mswl https://t.co/iP6BuKDIK4

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Jul 28 2015

I may regret this, but: #mswl : Send me the weirdest idea you have, in any genre I represent. http://t.co/FBmMg8sA6G

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Jun 2 2015

LRT: send me your ballet books! #mswl

C. Miller-Callihan @millercallihan · Apr 3 2015

Somebody write me a romance novel about making bad decisions whilst in the throes of a runner's high. #mswl I guess?