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Literary agent for (almost exclusively) nonfiction @rossyoon . Hufflepuff. Tyrell. Instinct.

Washington, DC

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Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Jul 22

Having serious #MSWL moments watching @GlowNetflix . I'd kill for books populated by similarly lovable and 3-dimensional sadsacks.

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · May 27

Macron and Trudeau's summery stroll in Sicily looks insanely romantic


Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Apr 28

#MSWL alert - I want your dystopian novel based on #fyrefestival . Sexy Lord of the Flies! Sign me up!

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Mar 29

Not my book deal, but I LOVE this kind of narrative science - send it to me! (And you best believe I will bug Graceā€¦

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Feb 8

My #MSWL : nonfiction that undoes and expands me. Anna at rossyoon dot com.

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 19 2016

Curmudgeon books will eternally be at the top of my #mswl . If you have a national platform and hate cutesy platitudes and memes, come at me.

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Mar 23 2016

This DC-based agent would LOVE to represent an evocative history of Ezra Pound's years at St. Elizabeth's. #MSWL

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Jul 28 2015

Nonfiction by brave, neurotic people who have witnessed huge/dark/important things and cope with LOL-funny humor #MSWL

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Jun 12 2015

Send me your books about factitious disorders, because I'm fascinated today for some reason #mswl

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Jan 23 2015

Virginia is the most fascinating state in the Union for me, and I want to rep a book on it. Pitch me #MSWL

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Nov 26 2014

Book I'd rep: a sordid, Behind-the-Music style bio of Heloise (as in Hints From). There have got to be worms under that rock. #mswl

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 20 2014

Here's a weird nostalgia book I would totally represent: some kind of oral history of LucasArts. #MSWL

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 3 2014

#MSWL I'm also drawn to celebratory, affirming work on bodies, wellness, and food -- *not* diet books. See my client @rscritchfield .

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 3 2014

#MSWL I've read almost every pop psych book at my local library. LOVE books about unusual minds, particularly w/r/t their hidden strengths.

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 3 2014

#MSWL I believe in the cheesy History Boys quote about reading: My favorite submissions show us we're not alone.

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 3 2014

#MSWL Terrible things are happening in the world. Unflinching, brave, funny, flawed, life-affirming nonfiction helps us all cope. Pitch me.

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 3 2014

1st #MSWL : memoir by writers with a great hook, (ideally) great platform, and happy/nurturing/loving/funny outlook on life. See: @zachanner .

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · Sep 3 2014

Oh good, is today a #MSWL day? I'm an agent for nonfiction and will tweet some of my dream projects over the next few hours.

Anna Sproul-Latimer @annasproul · May 8 2014

Further to my earlier tweet -- I love ALL books about unusual minds, not just autism/Aspergers/ADHD. Pitch me if you have 'em. #mswl