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Literary Agent at Talcott Notch. Eternally recovering from maternity leave. Probably hiding behind the crib eating cake. Closed to queries. #WeNeedDiverseBooks

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Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · 1w

There's a space between what your characters want to think/say and what they actually think/say. That's the space I want to live in. #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Jun 19

Also me: Someone write me a YA about two queer boys who are trying to be just friends but keep falling into bed with each other.

Hard #MSWL .

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Jun 6

In which I talk about the themes/topics that particularly excite me + other sundries on the @rnatweets blog:…

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · May 23

.@Ellethevillain on the importance of writing carefree, pain-free, struggle-free blackness:…

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Apr 27

.@GabbyBellot on writing in exile while being haunted by memories of a land whose pulse you can't quite capture any…

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Mar 24

More dialogue where people are  1. having completely different conversations 2. earnestly lying through their teeth 3. eating nachos #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 27


This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, sectarian superiority, cultural elitism, and all forms of hypocrisy. #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 24

Wanted to add that I would like to see Muslims dealing with/confronting the prejudices within their own communities…


Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 14

.@randajarrar on the relationship between humor and intimacy in fiction writing: via…

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 8

Morally fantastic fiction in adult +kidlit please. #MSWL From this excellent @lithub interview with @katiekitamura

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 8

Sardonic humor for the parentally overwhelmed. BRIDGET JONES for new moms. Will the next Bunmi Laditan (@honesttoddler) pls stand up? #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 8

Characters dealing with pain under a veneer of coolness. Humor masking sadness. #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 8

The one thing I will always want + always have b/c it is NOT a "trend": stories about characters from marginalized groups of ALL kinds #MSWL

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba · Feb 7

This young lady's flying high and straight into my #MSWL