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Margo Claire @margowithan_o · Sep 13

Melissa Danaczko @mad2034

#mswl Also, very specific but throwing it out into the world just in case: a novel or narrative history about the relationship between Josephine Baker and Frida Kahlo

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omg this is a combination of my two #mswl! If I am interpreting the bible correctly I believe this means you will be both morally and spiritually obligated to sell it to me.🥳

Margo Claire @margowithan_o · Mar 7

is there a novelization of Josephine Baker's life? #MSWL

Margo Claire @margowithan_o · Mar 5

If you've put together a P&L for debut fiction by a woman in the last 5 years, you know it's true. The success of these books has made my path in publishing possible (imaginable!) and I'm so damn grateful for all of them. #MSWL

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