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Amy Fitzgerald @Amy_Ariel_Fitz · Feb 6

Fairly typical that today's song-on-a-loop, which I inexplicably find both soul-soothing and motivating, is about a lady trapped in a fairy mound, calling to her sister for help. (#MSWL???)…

Amy Fitzgerald @Amy_Ariel_Fitz · Jan 26

#MSWL: an "I escaped from a cult"-style YA psychological thriller about the Fictional Teen Daughters of a Totally Fictional Senate Candidate.…

Amy Fitzgerald @Amy_Ariel_Fitz · Jan 18

Amy Fitzgerald @Amy_Ariel_Fitz

All the ingredients for compelling MG or YA:
1. The setup is weird yet real.
2. Characters are dealing with very specific stakes.
3. Identity-related q's for miles.
4. So much conflict potential. What happens when cute classmate asks where you live?!?!

1-4 can be applied much more broadly & that's the real #mswl takeaway here, but also please treat yourself to reading about this bizarre situation & these people who are both sympathetic and clearly papering over a whole lot of their issues.

Amy Fitzgerald @Amy_Ariel_Fitz · Jan 18

Just rediscovered this article and am having some hardcore #MSWL feels.…