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TracyMarchini @TracyMarchini · 10 Oct 2017

Kirk Kraft @KAKraft

Do you prefer 1st or 3rd person in MG contemporary and fantasy? #bookendschat

Replying to @KAKraft

I'll say third only because first person in middle grade is REALLY hard to do well - but I'm open to either! #BookEndsChat

TracyMarchini @TracyMarchini · 10 Oct 2017

Mark Holtzen @holtzymook

@BookEndsJessica @TracyMarchini #BookEndsChat Has to be such a love/hate relationship with the inbox.

Replying to @holtzymook

Indeed! I find most of my clients through queries, but there's never enough time in the day to read them as they come in. #BookEndsChat

TracyMarchini @TracyMarchini · 10 Oct 2017


@BookEndsJessica #BookEndsChat Are pubs willing to take on a first-time author's work?

Replying to @BLCP74

Absolutely! A number of my clients are debuts, and publishers are always excited to find new talent! #BookEndsChat

TracyMarchini @TracyMarchini · 10 Oct 2017

Sarah Finnie @Sarahbethfinnie

During โ€œthe callโ€ what question(s) do you wish writers would ask? #BookEndsChat

Ask what the agent sees for your career, & be honest about what you want yourself. Make sure you're starting on the same page! #BookEndsChat