Molly Ker Hawn @mollykh · 13 Dec 2017

Flo✴ho✴ho✴illustrator @Flo_illustrator

@mollykh Your profile says "closed to submissions." So I'm genuinely, respectfully curious how it works? So many agents and publishers say they don't accept new work.

Replying to @Flo_illustrator

I had to take a break to catch up on reading/editing client manuscripts and working through the mss. I'd already requested. I'm only closed for a couple of months, hoping to open back up in January. #askTBA

Molly Ker Hawn @mollykh · 13 Dec 2017

heidi heilig @heidiheilig

I am such a one! #asktba…

I cite your query all the time! It was such a good one -- AND it felt very personal, like you'd done your research and had a reason for querying ME. Hard to pull off! #askTBA

Molly Ker Hawn @mollykh · 13 Dec 2017

MAKAYLA SOPHIA @makayla_sophia

Can you see “dead” genres breaking out again? Such as YA paranormal or YA dystopia. #askTBA

Replying to @makayla_sophia

Trends go in cycles. Never say never but I wouldn't want to predict a time when YA PNR or dystopian fiction is all the rage again. #askTBA

Molly Ker Hawn @mollykh · 13 Dec 2017

Shayna Grissom @ShaynaGrissom

I'll ask because I haven't seen it yet, #askTBA. What is your #MSWL at the moment?

Replying to @ShaynaGrissom

I'm closed to queries and hope to open in January and will post a MSWL then. Right now my wishlist is just to finish reading the full mss. I've requested! #askTBA

Heather Flaherty (on hiatus) @HeddaFlaherty · 13 Dec 2017

Noah Reese @Noah_Reese_

Does the current market influence your decision to represent a novel? #asktba

Replying to @Noah_Reese_

It can... certain genres and themes can flood a market and make it hard to sell a book. Like YA Dystopian, or YA Paranormal books that surged a few years ago - made those topics difficult to sell due to the sheer number out there. #askTBA

Molly Ker Hawn @mollykh · 13 Dec 2017

RTing myself here: The 'slush pile' is all the queries that come in unsolicited/from strangers. The vast majority of my clients came to me via the slush pile. There's nothing wrong with being in it! #askTBA

Heather Flaherty (on hiatus) @HeddaFlaherty · 13 Dec 2017

A. L. Michael @ALMichael_

What order do you read subs in- synopsis or sample first? #asktba

Replying to @ALMichael_

I jump around. I skim the beginning of the query to get the list, pop down to the sample to see the writing, then possibly back up to the query to understand in more detail the storyline. #askTBA

Heather Flaherty (on hiatus) @HeddaFlaherty · 13 Dec 2017

Sabina Lamarca @sabinalamarca

#askTBA Do you want comps to be in a certain time period (some want within 2 last years) or more prefer the tone of the book? Thanks for taking questions!

Replying to @sabinalamarca

For me, I want comps that will absolutely help me figure out what your book is like - be it movies, tv, other books, etc. And I don't necessarily need a recent book - I just need the comp to be spot-on. You don't want to create "off" expectations. #askTBA

Molly Ker Hawn @mollykh · 13 Dec 2017

Christina Beggs @Mrs_beggs

Ive had a few very kind rejections simply stating "just not for me". Is it to bold to ask for suggestions to make my next attempt stand out better? I would never expect a response, but I can't help but wonder. Also thank you to rejections, is that weird. #askTBA

Replying to @Mrs_beggs

I get the impulse to ask, I really do. But when I'm open to submissions, I get about 100 a week. I don't have time to give feedback to anyone unless I'm interested in seeing more work from them. I wish I did! But reading subs is only a tiny fraction of my job. #askTBA

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