Sarah Phair


Literary agent, book enthusiast, and Haribo connoisseur.

New York, New York

Greenburger Associates

Sarah Phair @SarahPhair · 26 Aug 2019

Sarah Phair @SarahPhair

Send me all of your upmarket, book club fiction. Basically any fiction that could land on this list, this is 100% my thing #mswl:…

In nonfcition I want: feminist projects, anything about food (especially interested in the future of food and agriculture), millennial driven topics, pop culture entry points w/ elevated discourse, also really want a book on housing... #mswl

Sarah Phair @SarahPhair · 14 Nov 2018

Dear Twitter, I want to expand the nonfiction side of my list. Please send me your feminist narrative nonfiction, pop culture proposals, and anything food related. #mswl