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Graphic Novel, MG, YA, and Adult fiction agent at Martin Literary Management. PNW native, green thumb, cake lover. Still believes in fairies.

Seattle, WA

Martin Literary Management

Britt Siess @BrittSiess · 11 Oct 2019

Britt Siess @BrittSiess

I'm starting to get through the queries that came in while I was on vacation, and I'm noticing a trend where writers say their book "is intended for X audience but could also appeal to this completely other audience" (Adult then MG) or is a "Thriller but also a Fantasy" #querytip

When I read this, it just signals to me that you don't really know where your book belongs (on the shelf). If it's a YA thriller, throw all of your pitching weight behind that! No book is for every audience! Trying to appeal to every market weakens your pitch. #querytip

Britt Siess @BrittSiess · 9 Jul 2019

One of the things I reject queries for most frequently is word count. 14k word MG? Not long enough. 60k epic fantasy definitely not long enough. 240k epic fantasy? Definitely long enough, but there better be a reason it’s that long! (Probably too long) #querytip #kidlit #SFF