Katie Shea Boutillier


Rights Director & Literary Agent with the Donald Maass Literary Agency, specializing in commercial adult fiction and young adult. #lovemyjob

New York, NY

Donald Maass Literary Agency

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 26 Nov 2018

As an agent, whenever I start a new story, or read a new query, I think to myself: what was the reason for this artist to write THIS particular story? And how will this perspective enlighten my own mind? #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 6 Oct 2018

Use all that anger and passion, and express it into your work. #querytip #pubtip #artist

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 14 Jun 2018

Digging into my queries tonight... and I'm quite not sure what I'm looking for but I hope it finds me first! #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 21 May 2018

And to mention, I have requested pages from queries that have been sent several months ago. You just never know. #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 21 May 2018

I've been away from my query-inbox for months. Finally answered hundreds of them last night only to be reminded of the negative (and hurtful!) responses you sometimes get from writers.

Let me just say... don't do this! #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 7 Feb 2018

I LOVE voicey projects. Please, please send them my way. #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 16 Oct 2017

No pitching via Twitter please! Follow sub guidelines: maassagency.com/katie-shea/ Thank you! #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 16 Oct 2017

Itching for a heartbreaking/uplifting YAl! #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 9 Oct 2017

#querytip Memoir/narrative non-fic ON REFERRAL ONLY. Focusing on commercial adult fiction and YA.

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 19 Jun 2017

Hungry for submission-ready mss of YA & WF (all types). If you think I will be a good fit for your project, make sure to query me! #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 21 Jun 2016

#querytip - I like shorter books b/w 50,000 - 80,000 words.

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 16 Feb 2016

Sometimes I respond to a query immediately. It's rare, but it happens. #querytip

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 8 Dec 2014

#querytip It's gotta be a jump-out-of-your-seat kind of query for me to request.

Katie Shea Boutillier @AgentShea · 8 Dec 2014

#querytip Seeing lots with MC walking up with no memory of his/her death...