Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈


Rights Director & Literary Agent with the Donald Maass Literary Agency, specializing in commercial adult fiction and young adult.

New York, NY

Donald Maass Literary Agency

Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈 @AgentShea · 20 Feb 2019

#READERS: The best gift to an author is to post a positive review. Take the time, it will mean so much to them! #pubtip

Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈 @AgentShea · 17 Sep 2018

One (baby) step at a time. I know it's very hard to do, but its very wise advice for anyone entering the publishing industry. #pubtip

Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈 @AgentShea · 6 Aug 2018

Being a writer, you cannot fear the page 1 rewrite. #pubtip

Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈 @AgentShea · 20 Jun 2018

Summer as a lit agent is the best! Time to focus on submissions, client mss, and editorial to gear up for big pitches this fall! #pubtip #agentlife

Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈 @AgentShea · 15 Jun 2018

"Moving forward" is a good life lesson you will continue to be faced with when you are a published author. #pubtip

Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈 @AgentShea · 26 Sep 2017

#writingtip #pubtip Don't fight with your storyline. If it's not coming to you naturally then you probably need to rethink.

Katie Shea Boutillier 🦈 @AgentShea · 14 Nov 2014

Writers, please understand that your agent know what it takes. #pubtip