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Literary Agent and Founder at Donaghy Literary Group. Be sure to review my #MSWL . Looking forward to reading your query.

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Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · Jun 6

Further to the query phone calls. We also do not accept queries sent directly to agent primary emails. We have clear guidelines posted on the website and only accept queries via QueryManager anything outside of this guideline will be deleted. #querytip

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · Jun 6

Is there a full moon? I have received two calls this week from writers wanting to query me via phone. This is not the way it is done, please review agency guidelines and follow them. We are excited to receive queries as long as guidelines are adhered to. #querytip

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 6 Aug 2017

#querytip Only query agents as per guidelines unless specifically requested otherwise. SM sites are not the preferred route.

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 18 Jul 2017

Mass query this A.M. Likely that 20+ agents deleted. If applying for job -cover letter wouldn't be addressed to 20 companies #querytip

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 7 May 2017

#querytip It's tough to standout in the volume. Tell me about the story you're querying not four other books you're planning. TMI

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 3 May 2017

#querytip If you bypass our guidelines & send your initial query into our main accounts, we will delete without review. Read Guidelines

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 25 Aug 2016

#querytip Wow! Hooked right away. Immediate intro to plot suspense, short concise sentences that made me sit up and take notice #Request

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 25 Aug 2016

#querytip Be professional, treat this like a job interview where you are competing with a thousand other applicants. Submit as requested

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 25 Aug 2016

#querytip Telling an agent that you have no idea what genre your story fits, that it should be a film does not help at the query stage#pass

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 25 Aug 2016

#querytip 1/2 page in and I still have no idea what the story is about. Review and publication links are not helpful at this stage.#pass

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 4 Aug 2016

#querytip Just because one agent doesn't connect doesn't mean that another won't. Don't despair, keep at it! #writing

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 4 Aug 2016

#querytip Been seeing a few book proposals for fiction complete with chapter outlines. BP's are not needed & not productive for fiction work

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 4 Aug 2016

#querytip Why waste time sending an agent a genre that they say they do not rep. Spend your time wisely and sub the right agents #research

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 4 Aug 2016

#querytip We love clear concise queries! No guessing genre, word count or hook! With hundreds of subs you have limited to draw us in.#GO!

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 4 Aug 2016

#querytip We really appreciate the writers who thank us for reviewing their query. We may not have time to respond but do appreciate it!

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 4 Aug 2016

#querytip sending questions about what we rep to our query email will go unanswered, visit bios and websites. Query box is for queries.

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 10 Jul 2016

#querytip when you receive an offer of rep on a project you've queried please notify us at our direct email accts Use OFFER in subject line

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 9 Jun 2016

#querytip Not following guidelines and sending to agent directly is like butting in line at a store. I delete these.

Stacey Donaghy @DonaghyLiterary · 7 Jun 2016

#querytip think carefully around comp titles/authors be sure that you are not overreaching/unrealistic/outdated. A good comp is helpful