Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · Jun 6

Jenn Leon @JennLeonWrites

@lapointe_jenna @UweStenderPhD @happywriter2017 Thanks for asking this one! I’ve been curious as I’ve had a few fulls out for what feels like forever! How exactly do you follow up without sounding rude?

Replying to @JennLeonWrites

Dear <insert name>,
I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to check if you have had a chance to take a look at <insert title> yet. I am looking forward to your thoughts.
Best wishes,
<insert your name>

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · Jun 6

Kari Hagen @KariHagenWrites

@UweStenderPhD @happywriter2017 If an agent is open to queries for an unfinished novel, should you submit or pass until it's ready? #askagent

Replying to @KariHagenWrites

If an agent is open to unfinished debut novels, they are either on crack or other opioids, or illegitimate, or bad, or YOU are Rihanna or some other almost as major celebrity.

Dr. Uwe Stender @UweStenderPhD · Jun 6

Kira Hawkins @KiraHawkins7

@UweStenderPhD @happywriter2017 Do you meet all of the writers you sign face to face? How much travelling does a typical author do before and just after the release of a new book?

Replying to @KiraHawkins7

Ha, no. IRL I have not met all of my clients, a lot, but not all. The traveling depends on how "big" the book is and what sort of promotion you and the publisher have in mind.

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