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Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 13 Nov 2017

#querytip: Yes, I like short queries but two sentences isn't a lot for me to go on to request chapters. Live a little--expand it to three sentences. ;)

And if your bio is longer than your pitch, it's time to revise.

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 25 Aug 2017

#querytip Not getting responses from agents? Not following sub guidelines may be the culprit. Details matter in business so double check! :)

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 25 Aug 2017

Unrequested attachments will be deleted unread by many agents so please follow submission guidelines. #querytip

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 3 Aug 2017

#Querytip Be prepared with materials before you query: book proposal, manuscript (partial & full), formatted file names instead of "first3".

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 12 Jun 2017

#querytip If you're channeling your inner Rowling & only use your initials, please don't be surprised when we address you as "Dear J.K."

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 29 Mar 2017

Quick #querytip: Please label your document with the title and your last name. I load many subs on my Kindle & can't tell 5 "novel1"s apart.

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 23 Mar 2017

Wondering what to put in the subject line when you write an agent? I like this format: "QUERY: <genre>/<title>/<name>" #amquerying #querytip

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 10 Mar 2017

My sweet spot for spot-on queries? 250 words. The 11,000 word query I just received is a tiny bit over that mark. #pass #querytip

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 2 Mar 2017

Rebecca Thorne @novelarnia

@staceyigraham Do you prefer that, or a more formal "Hello, Ms. Graham"? 😊

Not picky, but a howdy would be nice. :)
A salutation shows you're making a conscious decision about that agent at that time. #querytip

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 17 Jan 2017

Writers, the struggle *is* the story. When querying, make clear what's at stake. #amwriting #querytip

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 15 Jan 2017

Molly Hooper makes #Sherlock human. When writing your queries, tell me what makes your protag hurt if things change. #amwriting #querytip

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 31 Oct 2016

#Querytip - I want to see that you've done your research and know your readers. When we get to book proposal stage, you'll need this. 2/2

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 31 Oct 2016

#Querytip - Who is your perfect reader? Don't tell me that your story is perfect for everyone, it shows a lack of focus of your market. 1/2

Superstitious Graham 👻 @staceyigraham · 5 May 2016

#querytip Check an agent's website for current rep. categories or what she's particularly looking for at the moment for a better match.