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Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · May 17

Carlisle Webber @carliebeth

Ratatouille said it best: not everyone can be a great chef, but a great chef can come from anywhere. The same is true for novelists. Don’t worry about connections, money, social media. #Write your best book. That’s 98% of the battle. #amwriting

100% Like I said on @madflavor's podcast, you don't have to go to a certain college to become a published author. Some do have great writing programs, but I've worked with PhDs, and I've worked with dropouts. Keep showing up, keep putting the work in, and it could be you. #PubTip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · May 15

“The more I can promote those bands, the more I can guarantee that our genre is going to continue…it’s all about paying it fucking forward because somebody helped me. If I don’t help somebody else, how is this going to continue?” - Corey Taylor #PubTip #WednesdayWisdom

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 28 Apr 2018

Nonfiction writers, join me for the 8th annual #Nonfiction #Writers Conference online next week. I'll be speaking about #HybridPublishing and taking 1-on-1 appointments: ow.ly/rDju30jIyz4 #amwriting #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 25 Feb 2016

“The winner asks, ‘May I help?’ But the loser asks, ‘Do you expect me to do that?'” - William Arthur Ward #PubTip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 13 Jan 2016

"Publishers want good business partners, not just good writers." - @NinaAmir #PubTip #BecauseItsWednesday

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 19 Sep 2015

If you tell an agent off for taking too long to read a submission, the answer is always no. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 7 Aug 2015

Chickity-check with your agent before you wreck yourself. #PubTip #ForReal #IGotYourBack

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 3 Aug 2015

For real, though, here's the best way to make an impression at a writers' conference: ow.ly/QqTQd #PubTip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 19 Apr 2015

“Check yo self before you wreck yo self.” - Ice Cube #pubtip #bitches

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 6 Apr 2015

Good concept, horribly cliche execution. Every part of your manuscript must bring it, or it just won't work. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 31 Mar 2015

Spend less time telling me about the need for your self-help & more time telling me how you're fulfilling that need. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 30 Mar 2015

Your book proposal should be longer than 7 pages. I'd love it if your marketing section was that long. #pubtip