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Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 28 Apr 2018

Nonfiction writers, join me for the 8th annual #Nonfiction #Writers Conference online next week. I'll be speaking about #HybridPublishing and taking 1-on-1 appointments: ow.ly/rDju30jIyz4 #amwriting #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 25 Feb 2016

“The winner asks, ‘May I help?’ But the loser asks, ‘Do you expect me to do that?'” - William Arthur Ward #PubTip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 13 Jan 2016

"Publishers want good business partners, not just good writers." - @NinaAmir #PubTip #BecauseItsWednesday

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 19 Sep 2015

If you tell an agent off for taking too long to read a submission, the answer is always no. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 7 Aug 2015

Chickity-check with your agent before you wreck yourself. #PubTip #ForReal #IGotYourBack

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 3 Aug 2015

For real, though, here's the best way to make an impression at a writers' conference: ow.ly/QqTQd #PubTip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 19 Apr 2015

“Check yo self before you wreck yo self.” - Ice Cube #pubtip #bitches

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 6 Apr 2015

Good concept, horribly cliche execution. Every part of your manuscript must bring it, or it just won't work. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 31 Mar 2015

Spend less time telling me about the need for your self-help & more time telling me how you're fulfilling that need. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 30 Mar 2015

Your book proposal should be longer than 7 pages. I'd love it if your marketing section was that long. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 27 Mar 2015

Yes, a million-word novel is being published. No, I don't recommend you try the same. #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 26 Mar 2015

Anecdotes. An-ec-dotes. However, if your life truly is filled with antidotes, I'd probably want to read your memoir. #proofread #pubtip

Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock · 22 Mar 2015

Proofread your #QueryLetter. It's our first impression of your writing skills, and spelling/grammatical errors don't bode well. #pubtip