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Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 24 Jul 2018

In my inbox I'm seeing a lot of queries for superheroes and noir. That's not good or bad one way or the other = I'm just making an observation.


Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 27 Apr 2018

Interesting #QueryStats for March (not April as I'm nowhere near through April submissions)...
80 sample pages read (from roughly 2,000 queries)
28% of those 80 were middle grade submissions
82% of those MG submissions open with protagonist speaking to an adult.

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 7 Dec 2017

25,000 queries read in 2017. The vast majority were for young adult fantasy followed by adult fantasy and then contemporary young adult. #querystats

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 6 Oct 2016

#QueryStats = read 97 queries today and passed on 95 of them. 17 (so far) responses of, "could you please provide feedback?" #agenting

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 23 Jun 2016

#QueryStats - also, huge uptick in queries for adult science fiction. Woo HOOO! *fist bump* sci-fi!

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 23 Jun 2016

#QueryStats - interesting! YA fantasy is outpacing contemporary YA in queries right now (for first time in years!)

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 21 Mar 2016

#QueryStats = I calculate that I spent 4% of last week reading queries. That's pretty normal. #agenting

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 23 Feb 2016

#QueryStats = tons of submissions this month for happy/upbeat/positive contemporary MG and YA written by elementary teachers. :)

Sara Megibow @SaraMegibow · 17 Feb 2016

#QueryStats = huge rush of adult SF queries in which protagonist is Artificial Intelligence. #interesting #queries