Valerie Noble


Senior Agent @donaghyliterary .

Orange, CA

Donaghy Literary Group

Valerie Noble @NobleValerie · 24 Jul 2019

I've been in the query trenches before, I know how difficult it can be. Keep a spreadsheet of your queries. When you query multiple times with the same project, I assume you are not mindful of how you present yourself and lazy about the process. #querytip

Valerie Noble @NobleValerie · 8 Oct 2015

Lots of LinkedIn invitations in the query box. Please, no. @DonaghyLiterary @sue_mill #querytip

Valerie Noble @NobleValerie · 10 Jun 2015

Unless invited to do so, querying me any where other than query box= automatic delete. I will not read it. No shortcuts. #querytip

Valerie Noble @NobleValerie · 26 Mar 2015

Queries that begin with "Dear Agent", or addressed to no one in particular, baffle me. Will just anyone do? Do your research. #querytip

Valerie Noble @NobleValerie · 25 Sep 2014

Generally anything that has to do with violence against women is not for me #querytip

Valerie Noble @NobleValerie · 17 Sep 2014

*sigh* Please double space, please use 12 point font #querytip

Valerie Noble @NobleValerie · 5 Sep 2014

What @DonaghyLiterary said! PLEASE follow submission guidelines. Why wouldn't you?? All the cool people do it! #querytip