Laurie McLean


Founding partner at Fuse Literary. Co-Publisher at Joyride Books. Thrilled by the chaos of publishing. In love with storytelling.

San Francisco

Fuse Literary

Laurie McLean @agentsavant · Feb 3 2016

As an agent I'm looking for one thing at the moment: science fiction. Any age group. All sub genres. Great writing & storytelling. #mswl

Laurie McLean @agentsavant · Aug 31 2015

THIS is the kind of western novel I'm looking for! Something old turned into something brand new. #mswl

Laurie McLean @agentsavant · Jul 28 2015

I'd also like to read Native American YA & MG with real issues. Put #MSWL 728 in emailed subject line. Send 1st 3 chapters. #MSWL

Laurie McLean @agentsavant · Jul 28 2015

I would love to see MG or YA set in Mexico with magical realism & adventure. Put ' #MSWL 728' in your email subject line & I'll read it.