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The Bent Agency is the home of twelve agents: Nicola Barr, Jenny Bent, Victoria Cappello, Gemma Cooper, Claire Draper, Louise Fury, Molly Ker Hawn, Zoë Plant, Sarah Manning, James Mustelier, Laurel Symonds, and John Silbersack.

Claire Draper
Literary Agent
Agent @ the Bent Agency | Open to queries | Check out my #MSWL by clicking the link below | they/them | 27 | header by @TheRippedBodice
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Molly Ker Hawn
Literary Agent
Literary agent. American/British. Always curious. No pitches here, please; submission info is here:…
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Literary Agent
Gemma Cooper
Literary Agent
Literary Agent. Book pusher, runner, Pollyanna, 1st person to ever have a kid (yes, everything he does *is* amazing!) She/her
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Literary Agent
Desiree Wilson
Literary Agent
literary agent at the bent agency | they them permanently logged out find me on bsky 👇👇👇
Martha Perotto-Wills
Literary Assistant
it's Perotto-Wills / she her / agent assistant at the Bent Agency, former rare book peddler + gay historian
Literary Assistant