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Martin Literary Management, founded in 2003, is a full service literary and media management agency. We focus on representing authors of adult nonfiction, fiction, and books for children and young adults.

Sharlene Martin
Literary Agent
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Literary Agent
Britt Siess
Literary Agent
Agent at Martin Literary/ Graphic Novels/ MG/ YA/ Adult SFF/ Cosplayer/ Cake-eater/ Green thumb/ Order EAT, & LOVE YOURSELF by @sweeneyboo now!
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Literary Agent
Natalie Grazian is closed for queries!
Literary Agent
Associate Agent at Martin Literary Management ✨📚Sometimes I miss my bus stop if a book is that good 📚✨ Submit queries here: QueryMe.Online/1429
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Adria Goetz
Literary Agent
A bit of a bookworm. Literary Agent + Book Peddler + Fairy Godmother at Martin Literary. ✨ MSWL:
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Literary Agent
Clelia Gore
Literary Agent
VP of Martin Lit + kid lit agent. Optimist, lover of things lovely, crooked smiler. French-Peruvian-American living in Singapore for a bit! Mama to 🌺✨
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