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Hugo-nomd SFF Senior Editor @ Saga Press. Slytherin, philomath, nerd. Loves tea, gorgeous storytelling, and dad jokes. AKA Calamitea. Opinions mine.

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Navah WereWolfe @navahw · 12 Sep 2018

Just a few quick #mswl clarifications! I love sharing my super specific, random requests with you guys! But just a heads up that I can only accept agented submissions. And, @SagaSFF only publishes adult SFFH, so I'm only looking for adult projects. Thanks!

Navah WereWolfe @navahw · 12 Sep 2018

Top of my #mswl: An adult fantasy that deals with fucked up post-Narnia Pevensies.

(yes I am aware that people have already written great books like this, I want MORE and DIFFERENT ONES, okay? okay.)